Dear Editor,

It was brought to my attention that USD 475 is currently exploring the possibility of year- round education. I would like to congratulate the leaders behind this movement and express my own concern to why this proposal is the gold standard. Here below are the following reasons why we are ought to pursue year- round academics.

The first reason to why we are obligated to pursue such a course is because many educators would agree there is not enough time in the day to properly educated the youth. Furthermore, this is just on a day- to- day basis. If you were to include Spring Break, Summer Vacation, Fall Break, and Winder Break, time spent with students is further diminished while observing federal holidays.

Many teachers would also agree that far too much time is spent in the Fall Semester reteaching students academic material that was forgotten over the Summer. This is counterproductive towards students’ learning. I can personally attest to this because I was in their shoes at one time long ago. I too remember the days spent in class going over old material that was taught over the Spring because I had forgotten what was taught over two months ago without any academic interaction. Reteaching old material just to freshen up is counterproductive to making progress.

Geary County has a golden opportunity to permanently change education for the better. I look forward to your replies.

Mark Rombold

Junction City

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