Most of us were introduced to the library at a young age and the message was very clear the library is where the books live, and if you want to be a great reader, you need to get a library card and checkout a many books as you can.  I remember my mother would take my siblings and I to the library during the school and in the summer and once we were able to read on our own, we could only checkout chapter books. The library is where I was introduced to Ramona Quimby and her sister Beezus. I was signed up for summer reading, stories times, and other programs that the library had to offer. As a kid the library was just a fun place with a lot of things to do, but now I realize how the library plays an important role in the community how library cards are a way to invest in yourself.

    The first step to take to start your digital discoveries and other resources is to obtain a library card. Think of your library card as your first-class ticket, or backstage pass to the world of information. The process for getting a library card is quick, easy, and best of all it is FREE and can be ready to use the same day you get it. Adults, children, daycare centers, and other community agencies can apply for a library card and utilize all the services the library has to offer and the Dorothy Bramlage Public library would like to help you get your very own library card.

            To get a library card, at the Dorothy Bramlage Public library, you must be a resident of Kansas. You must provide a photo I.D. and proof of your current address to one of the circulation clerks at the circulation desk. The circulation clerk will then give you library card application that you can complete so we can set up an account for you.  If you don’t have proof of address at the time you sign up for your card the library will still create an account for you, but you must bring in your proof of address within the first  thirty days. If you would like, library can mail a post card to you. When you receive the post card in the mail, bring it with you the next time you visit the library and show it to the circulation clerk so your information can be updated on your account. well that will act as your proof of address  Children must be four years of age to obtain their own card and children fourteen and older can sign for their own card but must list a parent or guardian on the card application.  All first-time patrons will be placed on temporary status for the first 30 days. During this time, you will be able to check out two items and use your card the same day. Once you receive your card, the circulation clerk will go over the library brochure which provides your with information about out library, how to use the online catalog, how to  set up your account online, and the libraries policies and the contact information.

            There have been a couple of additions to the library card application that allow give you the option to receive communications about items you have placed on reserve via text message. To receive this service the patron would provide the mobile telephone number as well as the carrier that is providing the cellular service( i.e. Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile) This will notify the patron that the items they had placed on reserve are ready to be picked up and they will be on the reserve shelf for five days. There is an option to receive additional information about the library and the services and programs that are offered through mailings and email.  These options allow the library to personalize the services we provide to our patrons as well as provide them with every opportunity to get to know us, say welcome to our community, and to reassure the community that we are glad to be a part of their lives. See getting a library card is, as my daughter’s teach Ms. Major would say, |” Easy Peezy extra cheesy”.  Once you have your library card you can begin your journey into the world of your public library and all that it has to offer.   Your library card gives you an opportunity to explore other services been to get information, learning, and

 Although our library has suspended in person services at this time, you are still able to obtain a library card. A library card will allow you to check out our digital materials. The library is continuing to set up library accounts via phone and through email. If you are interested in getting a DBPL library card our library staff would be more than happy to set one up for you.  Having access to digital materials, will open a new world of collections that you may not be aware of that could be the start to another part of your library experience.  Our digital resources contain books, audiobooks, databases, and other information that could interest you, and still allows you to have the best library experience without being at the library. A library is no longer a place just where books live. If is a place where the community can come together and participate in something that is their very own. The library has something for everyone from all walks of life, and library card opens the door to limitless learning, information, and opportunity

Things you can access with your library card

1.       Print Materials

2.       DVDs

3.       Online Catalog

4.       Digital Resources

5.       Databases

ASHLEY TODD is the Head of Circulation at the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library.

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