Aging Junction City sports courts to be resurfaced

The basketball court at Hammond Park will be resurfaced in September.

Some older Junction City sports facilities will soon have resurfacing work done on them.

Edward Lazear — the city’s Parks and Recreation Department director — discussed the project during this week’s city commission meeting. He recommended the approval of a $28,700 bid by Mid-American Courtworks — based in Wichita — for the company to resurface the tennis courts and a basketball court at Hammond and Coronado parks.

The project had previously been sent out for bids in February, but the bids received then were rejected, Lazear said.

“None of the contractors actually came out on site and visited the site,” Lazear said. “So we re-bidded the project. We got two bids.”

Both bidders visited the site this time, and Lazear said staff at Mid-American Courtworks know what preparations to make in order to complete the project successfully.

“It’s all about the preparation; how much work they do prior to putting that coating on,” Lazear said. “Money is budgeted to get these older courts back up to speed.”

City Manager Allen Dinkel asked about improvements that still need to be made at Fifth Street Park. Lazear said staff at Mid-American Courtworks have also submitted a bid to make repairs at Fifth Street Park, where work was left unfinished by the previous contractor for that project.

“We withheld $10,000 from the original (Fifth Street Park) contractor, and (Mid-American Courtworks’) bid is $12,000,” Lazear said. “It’s a little bit more. He thinks he can be in town around September. With all the rain, they’re kind of behind. I think that’s our best process. With the older courts, what we’re learning is you really have to spend the time to get those surfaces prepared properly, and he seems like the guy who’s willing to do it.”

The city budgeted within the 2019 parks maintenance fund for the resurfacing projects. The parks’ current court surfaces are worn, and long overdue for repairs. The last time the courts were resurfaced was approximately 20 years ago. The average life expectancy of the court surfaces is 10 years, which has been nearly doubled during that time frame.

Commissioners approved the Mid-American Courtworks bid, and work could begin in September. The project is estimated to take three weeks to complete.

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