In Tuesday’s election, Republican Dave Baker beat Democrat Laura Blevins in the race for State Representative of the 68th District by a comfortable margin of about 62 percent.

“It was a great night,” he said. “We did a lot of campaigning, knocked on a lot of doors in Junction City and the area. I think it went real well, I’m real pleased and looking forward to getting to work and trying to help get some things fixed with the state of Kansas and move forward.”

He attributes his victory to this campaigning — interacting with voters and listening to them.

Baker will have a full plate when he arrives in Topeka in January. Kansas is struggling with its budget right now.

It’s under these circumstances Baker will have to learn the ropes of his new job in the legislature.

“I’m going to work real hard on the highway department, the commerce department, I think we need to work real hard in those two areas especially,” he said.

He hopes to see more industry brought into the state and funding for infrastructure projects that have currently been tabled by a lack of money in the coffers.

Baker believes this is possible.

There are already several ideas being tossed around in Topeka, he said, including tax breaks for LLCs, which could be repealed if necessary to bring funds back to the state.

Baker plans to research the issue, and “try to get the most fair, and equitable taxing situation we can,” he said.

He believes this could bring Kansas’ finances back on track.

“I’m going to work on what’s best for the 68th District,” he said.

Baker, of Council Grove, takes over for Republican Rep. Tom Moxley — an old friend of Baker’s — who retired after the last legislative session.

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