The Geary County Commission and Unified School District 475 have been trying to hash out plans to finish Blue Jay Way, a new road associated with the new Junction City High School. Discussion has taken place recently surrounding the road, half-mile a stretch of Munson Road near the new construction that is in need of paving.

Plans to pave the stretch of road were approved recently by both the county and the USD 475 Board of Education.

According to Commission Chair Trish Giordano, the county will pay for part of the road to be paved, but will be reimbursed by the school district at a later date for its expenses associated with Blue Jay Way.

“USD 475’s going to reimburse us and the specs are based on county specs for us building roads,” she said. “So everybody’s in agreement with that. It’s exciting. I’m glad — I wish we could have finished the rest of the road, but maybe in the future we can try to get a grant."

The school district’s Chief Operations Officer David Wild confirmed at a recent meeting of the USD 475 BOE that the district would ultimately pay for the whole cost of Blue Jay Way.

Member of the BOE Sarah Talley had reservations about the district paying for the project in full out of concern that the district promised the community when asking for the new JCHS to be built that the community would not need to expend any extra money for the new high school. The district promised that the mill levy would remain flat when campaigning for the bond election that would allow the new school to be constructed.

The total cost of the project will come to about $915,890.

Bids are currently being sought for the road project with the hope of it being completed some time this summer.

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