The Junction City Commission offered an update on the health of City Manager Allen Dinkle Tuesday night.

Dinkle was recently hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia and sepsis. At the time of the city’s Tuesday meeting, he was in the intensive care unit.

Commissioners expressed sympathy and concern for his health.

“Hopefully we’ll get him back here soon as possible,” Mayor Pat Landes said.

“Obviously my thoughts and prayers are with (Dinkel),” Commissioner Tim Brown said.

The city commission also heard from its new police chief Tuesday night at a regular city commission meeting.

New Junction City Chief of Police John Lamb recently took over command of the Junction City Police Department from Interim Chief of Police Lt. Kirt Nichols.

Lamb took to the podium during the first city meeting of 2020.

Lamb joins the JCPD from the police department in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

“I am extremely excited for my wife Annette and myself,” he said. “We’ve been met by nothing but warmth and friendship.”

This is Lamb’s first time in Kansas.

“I was so excited to to explore different parts of our country and we just fell in love with it right away,” he said. “So with that you put together two things I love — the landscape of the country and law enforcement and protecting communities. And that’s just a great formula for success in my opinion. So I’m excited. The men and women of the (JCPD) are very professional and I think we’re all excited about what the future holds for us.”

Tuesday night’s meeting also marked the last night with the city for two commissioners, Phyllis Fitzgerald and Nicholas Allbritton. Allbritton was not present for the meeting, but Fitzgerald said a few words thanking voters for their support and chronicling her journey with the commission. During her time on the commission, she once served as mayor and she has taken an active roll in beautification projects and programs for soldiers — soldiers of the sort she used to be.

“Tonight maybe my last meeting as one of your city commissioners, but not as one of the Junction City Kansas citizens,” she said. “Because this is my home. I wasn’t born and raised here, but this is my home. I plan to stay involved in the things that I have been so passionate about.”

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