The C.L. Hoover Opera House has received a strategic investment grant of more than $10,000, courtesy of the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, which is provided through the Kansas Department of Commerce. Funding for the grant is also provided by the National Endowment for the Arts.

The grant funds from the state will be paired with local money and used in the purchase of two new spotlights for the opera house’s theater.

The grant was jointly submitted and supported by the opera house and the Junction City Little Theater. Both entities contributed money to the local matching fund to be paired with the grant from the state.

The new spotlights will replace old ones that were brought over from the JCLT’s 18th Street Theater.

The old spotlights, according to opera house officials, served their purpose but were ultimately not suitable for the opera house’s current theater, which is a much larger space than they had occupied previously. The new lights, according to opera house Marketing Director Breonna Summers, will “provide a stronger, brighter beam matched for our theater.”

Additionally, the grant was used to acquire a hazer for the opera house theater. A hazer is different than a fog machine in that it provides “an almost imperceptible haze that makes lighting more dramatic. It’s like when we notice beams of sunlight through the clouds or illuminating the dust in the air,” according to Summers.

People who have attended a rock concert may have seen a hazer used. The new hazer can be operated using the lighting control board, which will increase its use in performances.

“This new equipment serves to keep the C.L. Hoover Opera House Theater up-to-date and an ideal performance venue,” Summers said.

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