Interim Cloud County Community College President Amber Knoettgen and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success Pedro Leite released a plan Thursday outlining the college’s plan for the future.

Knoettgen was named interim president last week, following the non-renewal of Dr. Adrian Douglas, who had been Cloud’s president since May 2018.

The framework for “moving forward with excellence” was presented to the College Board of Trustees at a special meeting Wednesday, May 13, and takes the college into the coming school year.

Rebuilding trust is first on the list, and Knoettgen said she and Leite will continue and expand the work initiated by Douglas, as well as forge open communication with staff and faculty.

“We plan to rebuild trust by having question and answer sessions with the faculty association, faculty and department meetings,” Leite said. “We also plan to implement a monthly campus community meeting to keep those lines of communication open.”

With the upcoming Higher Learning Commission accreditation visit, in October, Leite will continue working with various committees to prepare the college.

The college also faces potential decreases in enrollment and funding due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to boost enrollment, the college has implemented a reduced rate for summer courses, as well as applied for grants to market several academic programs.

Leite is also working with the Geary County campus to move forward with course offerings that will benefit local industry, as well as various partnerships in the area.

The coming fiscal year will see a 10-percent reduction in all department budgets, but at this time, Knoettgen said there are no plans for a reduction in personnel. Departments are also currently working on plans for a Fall 2020 return of students to campus. An Academic Affairs and Student Success team is working on logistics for offering face-to-face courses, classes with lab components, and Zoom conferencing technology courses.

“With the dedication of our entire team, we are sure to accomplish these challenges placed before us,” Knoettgen said. “Now, more than ever, we are placing faith in the great teamwork everyone has been showing these past few months.”

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