The Board of Trustees of Geary Community Hospital is taking strategic steps to secure the future of its community hospital, according to a press release sent out Thursday.

"Its goal is to steer a position of strength well beyond its first century of successful service as the region’s healthcare resource," the release said.

One major step was the Board’s unanimous recent decision in favor of a new relationship with Community Hospital Consulting (CHC Consulting), the management and consulting arm of Community Hospital Corporation. The board is working to finalize an agreement for CHC Consulting to provide Management Services aimed to begin on or about October 1, 2019 and continue for an initial period of one year.

CHC Consulting has been providing Support Services to Geary Community Hospital since May 1 to help implement action plans subsequent to an Operational Assessment completed by the firm in March 2019. According to Geary Community Hospital Board Chair Mark Stenstrom, DVM, a Management Services agreement with CHC Consulting would replace the prior service agreement.

In the midst of this, GCH's Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer have resigned and left the organization. Plans include moving forward with CHC Consulting providing oversight of day-to-day operations, assisting with Interim replacements and beginning the search process for permanent leaders.

“We are excited to extend CHC’s expertise in hospital management and talent in critical areas of hospital operations to strengthen Geary Community Hospital," Craig Sims, CHC Senior Vice President of Hospital Operations said. "CHC’s mission to guide, support and enhance the mission of community hospitals and healthcare providers aligns with their mission to serve its community with quality healthcare for years to come.”

CHC Consulting specializes in the management and operation of smaller, community-based hospitals across the country. This collaboration with CHC represents one of many initiatives taken by the Board of Trustees to restore financial health for the hospital.

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