Many graduates decorated their caps for the JC Blue Jays Bash June 21 at the Courtyard by Marriott ballroom, and some, like this one, proudly proclaimed their accomplishment.

More than 200 graduates, guests and volunteers gathered in the Courtyard by Marriott ballroom for the JC Blue Jays Bash Saturday where about 75 graduates walked across stage to receive their diplomas.

The event, organized by two mothers of Junction City High School seniors, had speakers who gave words of wisdom to the graduates and prize drawings for graduates and a separate drawing for guests.

“We are just two moms who came up with a catchy phrase and just wanted to honor our graduates properly,” Carrie Yale, mother of graduate Dain Yale Jr., said in a previous interview.

She said she was happy with the turnout for the event.

“I think it went better than could have been expected,” she said. “It really was more than I dreamed. Honestly, it was. It was amazing. I mean with everybody that showed up. You know, we didn’t have very many empty seats, so it was great.”

Tanya Loper, mother of Breann Loper, said she liked the more intimate feeling of the event.

“The gifts and stuff is more than they had to do,” she said. “And that’s way more than you would get with a traditional thing. So, even though we didn’t get their traditional graduation, I mean this was kind of nice because it was kind of a more intimate setting, I think. And for them to take this among themselves to do this, not only for their children, but you know for the graduating class who wanted to participate, yes, I mean, that was really nice.”

Tanya said she appreciated the event because of the importance of being able to watch her daughter graduate.

“She’s an only child, and to not be able to see my child graduate hit me, I think worse than it did her,” she said. “These are the milestones that I know as children they wait for, but I think parents wait for it a little bit more than they do.”

Breann said she enjoyed the event and was glad that it happened.

“It shows that even under stressful times like this with the coronavirus and stuff, when we come together as a community, we can make stuff still happen,” she said.

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