Members of Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met Thursday afternoon, but because there was no quorum, they were unable to vote on anything. The board did, however, hear updates from those in attendance.

The board briefly touched on the budget for the Chamber and the organizations under its umbrella for the upcoming 2020-’21 fiscal year. MAC Director Craig Bender and EDC Director/Chamber President of Operations Mickey Fornaro-Dean said they expected the budget to be tight, though they said they believed their organizations would make it.

Fornaro-Dean said the hope was that 2021 would be a year of the Chamber getting its feet under it in the wake of COVID-19.

Chamber Member Relations Director Dawn Stephens told those in attendance about an effort to raise money to cover expenses from a recent PowerUpJC event which pushed the Chamber over its match amount.

The unexpected overage in sales has left the Chamber needing more than $3,000 more than it had available for the project.

Stephens said the Chamber had chosen not to reach out to its regular backers out of concerns that their backers had already done enough for them.

According to Stephens, the Chamber is now selling raffle tickets for a 50/50 drawing, which was initially scheduled to go on until July 1, with the drawing taking place July 2 at noon.

She asked board members to promote the drawing among their circles.

Though PowerUpJC, the Chamber has infused the Junction City small business community with almost $50,000 in funding, according to Chamber officials.

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