Junction City had a slice of Life last week.

The Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual fundraiser this time a giant, live-action game of the classic board game Life — Thursday evening at the Geary County Convention Center.

According to Chamber Member Relations Director Amy Garner, about 175 people attended the event.

“It’s always fun for me to see people enjoying the games,” Garner said.

She and other Chamber officials put a lot of thought into the various stations — such as bowling for babies at the “have a baby” square and the giant Jenga game at the “build a house” square of the “board,” which stretched all around the ballroom.

Each square, Garner said, had some activity for participants to do that tied in with the game of Life.

“The idea is to make your way throughout the ballroom, make as much money as you can,” she said.

At 8 p.m., players “retired” and counted their assets before winners were presented with prize packages.

There was also a prize for those on the bottom rungs of the ladder.

Garner herself took part in the game, walking around the ballroom selling raffle tickets and trying to engage people in the event.

The event mirrored last year’s fundraiser, which featured a giant game of Clue.

the profits from the annual fundraiser go to helping the Chamber provide services for members. This year, however, the Chamber also partnered with Unified School District 475’s McKinney-Vento program, a program which benefits homeless students within the Geary County school district. Some of the money raised during the event will go toward the McKinney-Vento program.

Garner said she isn’t sure how much that will be yet.

“Some time in the next couple months, we’ll be announcing what that comes to and doing that presentation to them,” she said.

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