The Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce plans to unveil its new website next year.

The website is far more organized and easy to navigate than the current one, according to chamber Director of Member Relations Amy Garner, who is taking the lead on the project. Garner has been working diligently to get the website up and running so chamber members can have easy access to the new website’s features. In addition to the need for chamber members to utilize the new site, Garner hopes the work being put into the new website will draw new businesses to the chamber. While the new website is being created, the current website will be up and functional. 

“The website isn’t that different than the one we already have, but there are a few different components to it,” Garner said.

Garner discussed a search engine feature that will allow users to be able to easily review different businesses in the area. Garner said she will focus heavily on this feature, and work diligently over the next year to be able to advertise it to chamber businesses and potential businesses that may wish to join the organization. The new website will also showcase new banner ads for different businesses. 

“We have been selling a couple banner ads, but we also have some as part of our benefits that we are working on getting put up,” Garner said. “So different companies will have different ads put up.” 

That all depends on how much money companies are willing to spend on additional advertising, she said. 

“We are really excited about what the capabilities of the website are,” Garner said. “We are still working through it and trying to determine what the capabilities are for the website, but we are really going to be trying to drive people to the website.” 

Garner is currently working with local chamber businesses to discuss new website changes, in addition to showcasing a new brochure that highlights the “hidden treasures of the chamber,” in order to entice local businesses to use its services.

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