Susan Jagerson of Live Well Geary County presents a check to City Public Works Director Ray Ibarra (center) and Mayor Jeff Underhill for a bike path. The funds come from a grant received by Live Well Geary County from Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Kansas.

At the City Commission meeting Aug. 18, members heard requests for purchases and approval to move forward with applying for grants as well as public comment about the lack of movement on code violation resolution for a residence.

Nathan Kozlowski spoke to the commission about the issue he has been having with the code department getting back to him about the multiple code violations that have been reported on in the home he and his family had built last year. He said he has tried for several months to get the issue resolved but there has been a lack of appropriate response that he has received.

“I would like to inform you the me, city attorney (Britain) Stites, city manager (Allen) Dinkel and the general contractor had a meeting on July 10 in an attempt to get this issue resolved and his decision on what violations we're going to get fixed, Kozlowski said. “I left being told I would have a decision in one to two weeks from the city attorney and here we are over five weeks later without a decision.”

He said he had reached out for an update multiple times but the times that he received a response were very few and told him very little. He said he appeared before the commission to inform them of the lack of service he had received and hoped to talk to the more and get the issues resolved.

A check for $95,300 was presented by Live Well Geary County to the commission from a match funding for the 7th Street Bike Trail project.

A request to purchase the Sensus Analytics Customer portal with Core and Main was made. The portal gives rate payers to chance to view specifics on their water usage. The cost for the portal $25,675 and will come from the utility fund. After reviewing the information provided, the commission moved to approve the purchase of the portal and was carried with a unanimous vote.

Chief John Lamb, Junction City Police Department went before the commission with a request for an amendment to the Junction City Police Officers Association contract. Lamb explained that there was a request that the language be changed regarding the rotation of personnel from the Drug Task Force unit. He said that currently the personnel get rotated out every three years and he would like to have it changed to not have a specific timeframe for rotation.

“I agree with the union on this,” he said. “We lose a lot institutional knowledge, a lot of desire to work in that unit and as long as the supervision is there, and we have checks and balances, I believe that the possibility of mitigating any possibility for corruption can be can be addressed.”

The commission moved and approved the amendment to the contract.

Lamb also requested approval to share forfeited assets funds with the Geary County Sheriff’s Office in accordance with a memo of Understanding that went into effect in 2017. The request sited that during a traffic stop in 2017, the actions following led to a seizure of funds and JCPD would like to give half of those funds to the Sheriff’s office. The amount in question is $218,607.52 and would be drawn from the JCPD law enforcement trust fund. The commission approved the request.

Lamb spoke to the commission about the request to purchase gas masks and filters for every sworn member of the JCPD. He said the request is to be better prepared to address an array of situations law enforcement professionals encounter such as COVID, civil unrest etc.

“Personnel conducted due diligence in attempting to locate vendors that had the items in stock and could supply all the requested items masks, filters and filter connectors,” he said. “Only one vendor had the needed items at an acceptable price. I've listed out the prices and amount total amount is going to be $20,175.32. There is no budgetary impact as it is being paid for by the 2020 COVID-19 Emergency supplement grant.”

The commissioners made the motion to approve the purchase and the motion carried with a unanimous vote.

The final request by Lamb was that the JCPD SWAT team needed new long rifles.

“The majority of these weapons have been in use for over 10 years and parts have been replaced several times over the years - barrels, receivers etc.,” he said. “The JCPD has an opportunity to trade 10 of our current weapons for reduction in price towards the 15 new M-4s.”

After searching for venders to accept the trade toward the purchase of the new firearms, a quote from Godfreys was accepted in the amount of $22,875. The trade value of the firearms would take the price down $8,875 and the remaining balance will be taken from the JCPD general fund. The motion was approved and carried.

Fire Chief Terry Johnson went before the commission to ask for approval to apply for phase 2 of the CARES ACT Provider Relief. He said that as Junction City was a recipient from phase one, the Department of Health and Human Services would like for the city apply for phase two. The commission made a motion to approve the application process and the vote carried.

Johnson spoke to the commission about applying for the corporate and philanthropy grants for the water rescue team.

“On July 23, the Junction City Fire Department took possession of two water rescue boats and a tandem haul trailer through a grant with the Manhattan Fire Department and Kansas Task Force Two,” he said. “These two boats will operate primarily in Geary County and when requested to be sent throughout the state and the region to respond to flooding waters and other issues that may occur. There's loose equipment that's needed, and the boats are needing serviced completely to comply with US Coast Guard and FEMA standards. The water rescue team is in need approximately $12,266.19 to fully outfit these water rescue resources. And this includes everything from flashlights, boat bumpers, on pneumatic line gun anchors, life rings, extinguishers, all those things that you would carry on a rescue boat. And to do so what they're requesting for is permission to apply to the community and corporate philanthropy grants that are out there.”

Approval was given to process with applying for the grants.

The meeting concluded with comments and reports before it was adjourned. The next city commission meeting is scheduled for Sept. 1.

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