Cleanup efforts underway in Chapman, where 11,000 sandbags were filled when flooding looked likely

Chapman City Council members appointed Jim Bell (left) to fill a vacant seat on the council during this week's meeting. He was sworn in by city Clerk Brittany Bennett during the meeting.

Some cleanup efforts are needed following measures Chapman officials took when the possibility of flooding transpired a few weeks ago.

City Administrator John Dudte discussed the issue during this week’s Chapman City Council meeting. He said cleanup efforts are underway after more than 11,000 sandbags were filled over a time period of a few days.

“I had at least three employees (working) all night Saturday when flood water was coming up down at the lift station,” Dudte said. “We had 100 people filling bags at some point. But now it’s time to clean up.”

Councilman Tim Jury said he was impressed with the effort, and noted it was fortunate the sandbags were not ultimately needed.

“People came from Minneapolis and all over to help,” Jury said. “I was overimpressed. Hundreds of people filled sandbags and, thankfully, we didn’t need it.”

Councilwoman Jan McCormick also commended those who volunteered.

“Luckily, we didn’t have a problem, but we were prepared,” McCormick said. “That’s most important.”

In other business, the council approved a request from Dudte to seal off a street for a neighborhood block party. Ninth Street will be blocked off on the evening of July 4 for the party.

The council also appointed Jim Bell to fill a vacant council seat. Bell came to Chapman from San Antonio, and has been living in the area for 15 years.

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