Cloud County Community College will be offering school bus license training at the Geary County campus in July and August.

The program consists of two phases. The first phase will provide the training necessary to take the school bus general knowledge written test with the state of Kansas. Phase one is a non-degree, non-credit certificate course with a cost of $150. The course will be July 9-19, and run Monday through Thursday from 6-8 p.m. Enrollment deadline for the first phase is a week before the start date.

The second phase will incorporate what students learned in phase 1, and feature hands-on training. After having passed the written test, the student will continue classroom training, in addition to being in the driver’s seat of a school bus. Upon completion, students will be prepared for the driving skills exam. The phase will include 20-plus hours of drive time per student, and the use of a school bus for the skills test.

Phase two is a non-degree, non-credit certificate course with a cost of $250. Phase two will start on Monday, July 29, with classroom time from 6-8 p.m. Students will then schedule drive time on evenings and Saturdays with the instructor. The class will conclude on Aug. 16. Deadline to enroll is one week before the start date.

Both courses will be at the Geary County campus, 631 Caroline Ave., in Junction City. To enroll, contact Laura Leite at 785-243-1435, ext. 374, or by email at

Both courses will have additional costs associated with CDL physicals, drug testing, MVR and testing fees.

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