City administrators agreed Tuesday to look at bids for replacing a 12-inch water line and installing a primary service line for lighting along the new Helland Park trail project. 

Plans are currently set to construct a trail along West Eighth Street in the spring. Before starting work on the trail, city staff believe the waterline needs to be replaced with a 12-inch iron pipe, which would be placed under West Eighth Street to Stoneridge Drive.

The electrical service would provide decorative lighting along the trail as well as supply power to street lights along the south side of West Eighth Street.

The piping project has an estimated cost of $250,000. 

The water main has ruptured on several occasions, causing the city to lose approximately $25,000 per break, as well as causing a loss of water pressure. The latter problem can be a public safety risk, especially if fire crews need water while fighting a fire. 

Junction City Interim Fire Chief Rick Rook said firefighters generally need 50 gallons of water per minute when fighting fires.

“It’s a problem for us if we lose our water,” he said. “We can call in tankers but that would take time. And tankers need someplace to fill.”

There’s also heavy vegetation and rugged terrain around the water line. 

City Administrators said they’ll accept bids and then consider the improvements. 

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