Junction City commissioners gave their approval for the final plat of the Jay Corner addition — where the new Junction City High School will be built — to be developed during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Troy Livingston — director of Junction City’s Metropolitan Planning Commission — discussed the initiative Tuesday night, acting as an agent for Call Valley Engineering, which will be conducting the project. Commissioners issued a 5-0 vote of approval for the plan. A plat is a detailed map showing the divisions of a piece of land. Those affected by the project may not have ideal access to roads affected by it. Access to the roads will still be possible for landowners in the area, however. 

“It is the plat for the new high school,” Livingston said. 

Officials from Unified School District 475 approved the final plat’s plan, and discussed presenting the plan to city commissioners during an April meeting. Livingston said the plan was substantially the same as the preliminary plat they approved in July 2018.

“It took a while to get here, but it is here, nonetheless,” Livingston said. “The only changes have been additions of waterlines, some utility easements and some additional rights of way that need to be dedicated on the plat.” 

Livingston said, to his understanding, the school district will pay for the plat, with the exception of a waterline on the east side that will go up to Rucker Road. Livingston said the reasoning to extend the plat to Rucker Road is to avoid confusion in the “cul-de-sac heavy” location the plat is currently located in. 

Commissioners expressed concern for the roads in the area. In order to combat drivers speeding in the area, the roads were purposefully made to be narrow. Commissioners said the narrowness could be a cause for concern with increased traffic in the area. The solution to that issue will be the plat extending to Rucker Road. The plat extending east to Rucker Road will ideally prevent this from happening. 

In other news, city commissioners made a motion to approve a supplemental agreement for the West Eighth and Eisenhower street pedestrian bicycle trail. 

On June 14, 2018, the Kansas Department of Transportation entered into an agreement with Junction City for the construction of a pedestrian bike connection to existing facilities. Due to the bid day being held back in 2019, the cost of the project has increased from $439,084 to $548,750. The project is an 80/20 matching-fund agreement with KDOT, and KDOT’s portion will not exceed $439,000. The total cost of the project will now be $548,750. The city’s share will be $109,750 and whatever extra costs are involved. There is no impact to the budget with this change.

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