Geary County commissioners approved an agreement with Acorns Resort during Monday’s meeting. The agreement grants the resort a temporary special events permit for the sale and consumption of alcohol during its upcoming concert series.

Junction City GIS and Zoning Director Troy Livingston requested that the commission approve the special event permit that grants attendees of legal age the right to consume alcoholic beverages at the resort during the summer concert series.

The special permit grants permission for the resort to host the event in accordance to current guidelines for special events that can be found in Article 19 of the Junction City statutes. Junction City special events restrictions currently state that a special event is temporary and grants short-term use of land.

The Acorns Resort Concert Series will be held during varying weekends throughout the summer, starting the second weekend in May and ending the first weekend in October. Resort owner Mike Harris anticipates a crowd of 300 attendees at the weekend event. Attendees must purchase a ticket to attend. Those who wish to attend have the option to purchase a ticket for either a single-day admission for $10 on Friday — or $15 on Saturday — or $20 for admission on both days.

Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to local bands perform either country, rock or blues music. Those who wish to attend can get tickets on the Acorns Resort website at

In other business, commissioners gave an update on delinquent property taxes, an initiative they previously discussed on April 1, 2018. As of April 3, $690,178 in delinquent property taxes were paid, leaving only 100 properties left to pay on their dues.

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