At the weekly meeting of Geary County commissioners, the board heard updates from department leaders.

Rebecca Nordyke, county clerk, informed commissioners that election training has begun on the new equipment and will continue as more workers are hired.

Commissioners had their weekly meeting with Witt O’Brien’s concerning the SPARK program and continue to receive guidance on what will happen now that the first round of funding has been released to the counties.

Corey Trumpp, Public Works administrator, gave his bi-weekly update on the projects in process. He told commissioners that he had received quotes for salt for the upcoming winter season. After going over the quotes, commissioners approved moving forward with Independent Salt for 1,500 tons of salt at $41.97 per ton.

He informed commissioners that the HVAC system at the Emergency Operations Center was over 13 years old and the compressor was no longer working. He said there were two options that could be done — get a new compressor for the aged unit or purchase a new system. After talking about the price difference between the two options, commissioners determined that it would be more cost effective to purchase a new HVAC system and have it installed.

Members of the Economic Development Commission, Military Affairs Council and Chamber of Commerce, gave reports on projects and events each is working on.

Mark Powers, EDC chairman, reported that over the last three years 33 projects have been initiated with 14 projects being completed creating 126 jobs and those companies investing about $66 million dollars in Geary County.

Nate Bulter, chairman of MAC, spoke to commissioners about several projects that have been done in recent months. A cybersecurity course that Craig Bender, director, put together had its first class in which 15 people took part in the free course. The course was successful enough that they are looking at setting up another one in the future.

Bulter also informed of an event that is being held in the parking lot at 10th and Washington on July 30 from 5 to 9 p.m. The event called Grub and Groves with feature live music and food trucks.

Kay Schmidt, CPA, talked to commissioners about updates to the 2021 budget.

Kent Vossberg, EMS division chief, gave the quarterly ambulance update. He reported that over that last quarter there were 71 out-of-town transfers and six in-town transfers.

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