In June, county commissioners hired the consulting firm Witt O’Brien’s to help with the disbursal of funds the county received through the Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas or SPARK program. The SPARK program is in conjunction with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security or CARES act and is used for coronavirus related expenses.

Over the last few weeks, the team at Witt O’Brien’s has helped with gathering information and paperwork the needed for the $6.3 million dollars the counties received for the first round of disbursals for governmental entities and municipalities.

Upon the recommendation of Witt O’Brien’s, a section has been added to the Geary County website,, where documents can be downloaded for the government entities to fill out to be included in the disbursal.

“So, the city, the county and education is how they got it split — in those three groups,” said Brad Scholz, commissioner. “So as far as reimbursement request forms, they can (go there), they can download that reimbursement request form and that way Witt O’Brien’s can flyspeck and it make sure that it’s okay. So that’s the process.”

Scholz said he is making sure the entities can contact Witt O’Brien’s for any questions they may have rather than going through him to ask.

“I’m not going to act as a conduit and take something out of context that (they) asked me to ask them or what they give me as an answer to give back,” he said.

Scholz said the main goal of the commission is to keep from sending any of the money back to the state.

“Because if we don’t utilize that $6.3 million, it goes back to the state and that would be a huge injustice to our community,” he said. “There are so many people, are so many governmental entities and municipalities that have been affected by COVID-19. They all need to have a piece of that 6.3 million, and that includes the hospital, that includes the school district, that includes the town of Milford, Grandview Plaza and so on and so forth.”

He said he is working with everyone involved to get breakout sessions scheduled so information can be passed and questions answered as they come up.

“I can guarantee you we are taking this very serious and we are working very hard and putting a lot of hours in with regards to these monies that we are getting from the state.” he said

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