At the joint city/county/ USD 475 meeting at the C.L. Hoover Opera House Monday, leaders from Geary County, Junction City, Milford, Grandview Plaza and Unified School District 475, update attendees about various topics.

Geary County District 1 Commissioner Brad Scholz talked about the no-fund warrants at Geary Community Hospital. He broke down the numbers on how much will be going or has already gone to the hospital over the next four years as well as the interest rate and repayment.

Tammy Von Busch, Health Department administrator, get an update on the current COVID numbers in the area and across the state. Geary County has seen 36 cases since the beginning of the pandemic with 13 new cases since June 1.

“So, we are starting to see a climb on that considering that we went quite a few months with only 19 cases and now we’ve had 13 all of a sudden,” she said. “So, people need to be practicing their social distancing, wearing masks, hand washing and don’t touch your face. I can’t stress that enough.”

As of Monday there have been 12.465 cases in Kansas with 259 deaths.

“We have had 122,000 deaths nationwide over the past three months, compared to between 24,000= 62,000 deaths annually from flu she said. “So in three months, we’ve doubled what we see annually with flu. So just something to keep in mind and with the flu season coming up this fall. It’s going to be twice as hard to keep track of what’s what and try to keep people healthy.”

She said the Kansas Department of Health and Environment will be having a mobile clinic at locations in town from July 14-18 to do COVID-19 testing for low-income families. When locations are selected flyers and information will be released.

The last topic discussed was the Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas program. Commissioner Keith Ascher said that they are still waiting on guidelines for the funding.

“We’ve been told that you cannot use it to cover any revenue shortfalls,” he said. “So, let’s say our ad valorem tax drops and we’re going to be short on budget at the end of the year, I doubt that we will but that’s an example. This money can’t be used to make up a revenue.”

He said forming a task force of each county entity to discuss the disbursement of the funds to programs and organizations needing assistance would help to ensure it is done properly.

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