At the weekly Geary County Commissioners meeting June 15, commissioners listened to updates from various departments before working on the 2021 budget.

Tammy Von Busch, Geary County Health Department administrator, gave a weekly COVID-19 update. As of Monday, there have been 29 positive cases in Geary County — 7 remain active with 21 recovered and 1 death. There are six active cases that are tied to the Geary County Corrections Facility — three correctional officers, two inmates and a minor child of one of the officers.

County Commissioners hear from Human Resources Director Jon Thummel on three memorandums — two pertaining to job creation and classification for a Sheriff IT Network Administrator and the third — Memo 2020-29 — being an income request for an Intensive Supervision Officer at their one-year evaluation.

“I want to bring him up to those other ISOs who have been there over a year, but under five,” said Chrysann Phipps, Community Corrections director.

Commissioner Brad Scholz moved to approve memo 2020-29, commissioner Charles Stimatze seconded the motion and the motion was carried with a unanimous vote.

Thummel also reminded the commissioners that the open enrollment period for benefits ends June 19.

After returning from lunch, commissioner heard from Corey Trumpp, Public Works administrator, for his bi-weekly report which included the unanimous approval to move forward with a plan to repave the parking lot of Cloud County Community College with additional work to be bid on and reported in the future.

Rebecca Nordyke, county clerk gave her weekly report to commissioners which included a request to approve a plan to purchase new election equipment. Two bids were received from companies and she asked commissioners to move forward with completing the contract with Election Systems & Software of Omaha, Nebraska as the county has worked with them for many years.

The new equipment, she said, will put the county within the requirements of federal and state laws needed to meet or exceed the ADA requirements and the needs to meet or exceed security, cyber security and other security concerns.

“It has to have ease of use by voters, by board workers and by the staff particularly for election by tabulation,” Nordyke said. “And so, this does move us to a paper-based system from a totally electronic system which is now required by state law.”

Moving the conversation toward the budget, she reported that in July of 2020 a mill will be $244,130 and that number will be what is used to work the 2021 budget.

Kay Schmidt, CPA, updated commissioners on the progress of the 2021 county budget. With several department budgets pending, Schmidt went over those numbers that have been turned. More updates will be done as it the document nears completion before being voted on.

Terry Johnson, Junction City Fire Department fire chief, finished out the public portion of the meeting with his report on the status of the fire department. Three new fire fighter/ EMTs have begun their rotations but the department remains two short on personnel due to illness or injury.

Commissioners went into executive session for 10 minutes to talk about the animal shelter and related matters. No action was taken.

A five-minute executive session was taken to talk about Capital Investments. Again, no action was taken.

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