At a work session Friday, county commissioners listened to requests from the treasurer and public works offices.

Kathy Tremont, county treasurer, spoke to commissioners about the possibility of installing an awning and benches near the south entrance of the building for customers to sit on due to limited indoor space with COVID-19 restrictions in place.

She said she has had comments from people saying that is would be nice to have some sort of seating outside for those customers waiting to do business in the building.

“Would it be possible to make something nice with the out front, maybe with two benches along the side there that’s permanent so those that need to have a seat can sit out there?” she asked.

After discussion, commissioners agreed that it would be something to look at doing. Commissioner Charles Stimatze said that he would work with Tremont about the request.

Another topic she mentioned was ordering chairs that would be easy to clean and sanitize. Chairs currently in the building have cloth on the seat making it hard to completely sanitize them.

Therese Hoff, deputy county clerk, mentioned that she has discussed with other departments that same topic and were working on a solution.

Corey Trumpp, Public Works administrator, talked about the Transfer station tipping floor and hopper that is badly in need of repair. He said the current state of the equipment makes operation unsafe.

After working through estimated costs provided by Kaw Valley Engineering, it was determined that the cost could be feasible. Trumpp said he would work with Kaw Valley to complete designs for the project then send it out for bids.

Commissioners discussed the proposed budget and to make up for a budget shortfall, looked at making minor cuts to departments. One of the cuts proposed was to Emergency Management requesting the salary for a part-time employee.

Gary Berges, Public works director, was informed and given alternate options for getting the staff he is requesting.

A list of budget updates was assembled and sent to Kay Schmidt, the public accountant working on the budget preparation.

Not date has been set for when the budget will be published for public viewing.

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