Freddy's in Junction City has temporarily closed its doors after an employee was diagnosed with COVID-19, according to an HCI Hospitality spokesperson.

Geary County had its second COVID-19 death over the weekend.

The case concerns a male in his 60s who was transported to Geary

Community Hospital Sunday. The patient died later that day.

The Geary County Emergency Operations Center will not release any

further information about this case.

It did, however, extend condolences to the patient's family.

Geary County is reporting a COVID 19 related death. This involves a

male in his 60’s. This is the second person who has died in Geary

County related to COVID 19. The individual had been transported by

ambulance to Geary Community Hospital on Sunday and passed away later

that day.

Geary County authorities are still continuing to strongly encourage

the public to wear masks when out among other people, to carry on

social distancing, and to do frequent handwashing.

Local restaurant temporarily closed for COVID-19

Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers on Chestnut Street has

temporarily closed its doors after an employee tested positive for


HCI Hospitality of Manhattan, which operates the Junction City

restaurant, issued a statement on the matter Monday afternoon.

According to HCI Hospitality Marketing Manager Kari Crump, the

employee last worked at the restaurant July 21 before testing


"When we learned a team member, who last worked in our Junction City

restaurant on Tuesday, July 21, tested positive for COVID-19, we

promptly closed the restaurant and completed Freddy’s whole restaurant

disinfecting protocol following CDC and local health department

guidelines," she said in a release sent out Monday. "We are working

hard to ensure the health and safety of our team member’s and guests.

We truly appreciate the patience and support of our local community at

this time."

Crump said HCI's restaurants had adopted a response plan early in the pandemic.

Employees have their temperatures take and answer pertinent

health-related questions daily. This information is documented every

day, she said.

"Anyone with symptoms must get tested, and anyone who tests positive

must meet CDC standards before returning to work," Crump said.

"Required face masks, gloves and numerous other safety precautions

were instilled to keep our team members and guests protected."

Numbers Rising

Geary County's COVID-19 numbers climbed by 12 Monday afternoon. As of

Monday, the Geary County Health Department and Geary County Emergency

Management named the 12 new cases as a 32-year-old female, a

23-year-old male, a 43-year-old male, a 62-year-old female, a

21-year-old female, a 34-year-old female, a 52-year-old male, a

16-year-old male, a 54-year-old female, a 27-year-old female, a

35-year-old female, and a 44-year-old male.

According to Geary County Emergency Management, this brings the

county's total COVID-19 count to 125.

Two people remain hospitalized with the virus. There are, according to

Geary County Emergency Management, 29 active cases and 94 people who

have recovered from their illness.

At this time, 92 people are under investigation by local authorities

for COVID-19.

The KDHE's count differs from Geary County's which Geary County

Emergency Management has taken note of.

"The online case counts produced by KDHE are cases that reside in

Geary County," Geary County Emergency Management said in a statement

on social media. "The Geary County Health Department is reporting on

the number of cases that reside in Geary County where they are the

responsible public health authority for investigating those cases.

Some cases may reside in Geary County, but are outside of Geary County

Health Department's investigational authority.

No other information is available."

People are asked to contact the health department with questions at


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