While COVID-19 was shutting down non-essential business, people were still purchasing vehicles and driving. But when government offices closed, they found difficulty getting vehicles registered, renewing registrations and getting driver’s licenses renewed.

Governor Laura Kelly’s Executive Order 20-55, signed on July 8, allows for extensions to the registrations and renewals.

However, while extensions are allowed the EO also states “All law enforcement agencies or officers shall use their discretion in deciding whether to enforce laws related to expired drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration and should consider the State of Disaster Emergency when reviewing credentials issued by the State of Kansas, as the Division of Vehicles will not indicate in its system that such drivers’ credentials are or will be expired while the State of Disaster Emergency remains in effect.”

Regardless of the extension or whether local offices are open or not, people can go to https://ikan.ks.gov anytime and take care of their renewals online.

Vehicle registration

The extensions for temporary, 60-day Kansas permits apply to motor vehicles purchased from Jan. 1 through May 31.

According to the Kansas Department of Revenue website, https://www.ksrevenue.org/reopening.html, people who purchased a vehicle in January have until Aug. 31 to register it; if it was purchased in February, they have until Sept. 30; March until Oct. 31; April has until Nov. 30; and if it was purchased in May they have until Dec. 31.

Vehicle registrations with an expiration date of March through June have until Nov. 14 to renew. Vehicle registration renewals from July forward are to be renewed in their regularly scheduled month.

Driver’s license renewals

Kansans whose driver’s licenses and identification cards expire March 12 through Sept 15 and who are not able to go online to renew or go to a state driver’s license office due to COVID-19 will have until Dec. 31 to renew, according to EO 20-55.

The Department of Motor Vehicles office in Junction City is closed but reservations for driver’s licenses can be made by calling 238-1814. Staff from the Salina office are using the facility while theirs is closed for maintenance.

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