Eggleston stresses importance of public education

Dr. Reginald Eggleston was the featured speaker at this month's MAC breakfast, which was held at Acorns Resort in Milford.

Unified School District 475 Superintendent Dr. Reginald T. Eggleston spoke about the importance of public education at this month’s Military Affairs Council breakfast. 

Thursday morning’s MAC breakfast was held at Acorns Resort in Milford. Eggleston addressed attendees, and spoke mainly about public education, and the impact good education has on society. 

“The purpose of public education is to train students to become skilled workers while teaching them the traditional core academic discipline,” Eggleston said. “The supporters of universal education believe it will create better citizens in a culturally uniform American society.” 

Eggleston said public education is the answer to a lot of the country’s challenges. 

“We provide a workforce that will go out and provide citizens who will then be good tax payers,” he said.

Eggleston also discussed the need to recognize that all individuals learn in different ways, and value different things. Not everyone has a desire to go to college. Eggleston said that only 33-40 percent of Americans have a bachelor’s degree. 

“In other words, not everyone is going to college,” Eggleston said. “There are other options, but that is why K-12 has to be on point. We have to prepare young people for whatever walk of life they decide to go into.”

Eggleston disclosed an entry plan he has in order to continue prioritizing students and putting them first. The plan offers a framework that will assist in facilitating Eggleston’s efforts to host honest and productive discussions at multiple levels in USD 475 schools. The plan is structured to incorporate both new and old activities in order to better ensure future success in the school district. He plans on doing this by taking data and tracking if there are any trends. He wants this plan to foster a mindset that calls for continuous improvement. 

Eggleston plans on holding numerous meetings so members of the community can voice any concerns they might have. He wants to ensure that the community’s voice is heard. 

“It takes all of us working together to make this school district be the successful one we want it to be, and to continue the success that it has,” he said. 

Eggleston credited USD 475 staff with being the driving force behind the district’s success.

“It takes more than just one person in order to make all the great things that have occurred, and will occur in our school district,” he said. “So I have a great deal of appreciation for the level of experience our staff has.”

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