The 2016 election has officially wrapped up, at least for Geary County.

It took longer than expected due to technological difficulties — trouble with a flash card reader — but the results are in, minus provisional ballots.

County Clerk Rebecca Bossemeyer believes none of the ballots left to be counted will be enough to sway any of the races. She believes there are about 140 left in the County Commission District 2 race. 

Winners have not officially been declared yet in several races, however. 

Bossemeyer herself was up for re-election this year, running unopposed. A Republican, she ended up with 98.86 percent of the vote against 88 write-ins.

Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence have won the majority of Geary County's presidential votes with 4,071 or 56.87 percent of the vote. Democrats Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine had 2,538 votes cast in their favor, taking 35.45 percent of the ballots. Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson and William Weld ended up with about 4 percent of the Geary County's votes — a total of 289. Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka won about 2 percent of the vote with 145 ballots cast in their favor. There were 116 write-ins.

Republican Roger Marshall won his race for United States Representative against Democratic challenger Alan LaPolice 4,068 (61.40 percent) to 1,754 (26.48 percent). Libertarian Kerry Burt took 761 votes, a total of 11.49 percent.

Republican Jerry Moran fared well in Geary County, receiving 66.49 percent of the vote with 4,678 ballots cast in his favor. His Democratic challenger Patrick Wiesner took 28.87 percent of the county's vote, with 2,031 ballots cast for him. Libertarian Robert. D. Garrard received 317 votes, about 4.51 percent. There were 10 write-ins.

Republican Jeff Longbine has retained his seat in Senate District 17 against Democratic challenger Susan Fowler. Fowler won 42.60 percent of the vote in Geary County with 2,460 ballots cast for her. Longbine ended up with 3,306 votes — 57.26 percent. There were 8 write-ins.

Incumbent Democrat Tom Hawk ran unopposed and retained his place as State Senator representing District 22. He took 96.91 percent of the vote, against 25 write-ins.

Incumbent Republican Lonnie Clark also ran unopposed and retained his seat as State Representative for the 65th District with 3,235 ballots coming to 97.85 percent. There were 71 write-ins.

Republican Dave Baker beat Democrat Laura Blevins by about 62 percent with 1,910 votes to her 1,148 — a total of 37.44 percent. There were eight write-ins.

Independent candidate Aaron Estabrook lost his seat on the State Board of Education representing the 6th District to Republican Deena L. Horst. Horst took 662 votes, a total of 60.79 percent and Estabrook took 425 votes, totalling 39.03 percent.

Incumbent Democrat Larry Hicks seems to have lost his seat as County Commissioner for District 2 in a tight race against Republican Charles Stimatze. Stimatze received 51,44 percent of the vote with 1,110 ballots cast in his favor. Hicks received 48.47 percent of the vote, with 1,046 ballots cast for him. There were two write-ins.

A narrow race for County Attorney between Democrat Chris Biggs and Republican Krista Blaisdell has ended with Blaisdell on top. She claimed 3,614 ballots and 51.47 percent of the vote and he took 48.36 percent of the vote with 3,396 ballots in his favor.

Republican Keith Ascher ran unopposed for County Commission District 3, winning about 98 percent of the vote with 1,364 ballots cast for him against 27 write-ins.

Voter turnout was about 46.18 percent.

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