The Junction City Fire Department will be continuing the process of hydrant testing during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Friday. 

Hydrants will be tested to ensure they’re operable and able to produce the required water pressure when needed to supply water for firefighting purposes. Because this testing must be done during normal operating hours, it is impossible to know in advance exactly where or when the testing will take place in any specific area. 

Opening hydrants can sometimes cause a temporary discoloration of water in nearby homes. The discoloration is not harmful in any way and can be cleared up by running the water for a few minutes.  

This kind of testing not only ensures the protection of Junction City residents, it is also an evaluation indicator used by the Insurance Services Organization, which rates cities according to the fire protection they offer. The recent Insurance Services Organization rating resulted in the elevation of Junction City to a Class 3 protection rating, by maintaining a system of checks and maintenance on the city’s fire protection assets, the city’s department is working to maintain and potentially lower the overall Insurance Services Organization’s current rating.

The following streets will be included in testing areas:  

• North Madison Street, between Sixth Street and West 18th Street 

• North Jackson Street, between Sixth Street and West 18th Street

• North Webster Street, between Sixth Street and West 14th Street

• North Clay Street, between Sixth Street and West 14th Street

• North Calhoun Street, between Sixth Street and West 14th Street

• North Garfield Street, between Sixth Street and the end of North Garfield Street

• North Eisenhower Drive, between Sixth Street and West 17th Street

• Parkside Drive

• Moss Circle 

• Rucker Drive, between Sixth Street and West 11th Street

• Rucker Road to Kansas Highway 77  

• Westwood Boulevard 

• Raymond Court

• Washburn Circle 

• Manley Drive 

• Bel Air Drive

• Johnson Drive

• Dries Circle 

• Thompson Drive

• Davis Drive 

• Hale Drive 

• Rockwell Drive 

• Marston Street 

• West 18th Street Circle

• Custard Road

• Downtain Street

• Elmdale Avenue

• Pershing Drive

• West 19th Street 

• Northwood Drive

• Falcon Ridge 

• Ehlers Court 

• Marshall Court

• West 20th Street

• West 21st Street

• Kate Rose Trail

• Deer Trail 

• Carmen Court

• Brooke Bend 

• Olivia Dancing Trail

• Deb’s Sunrise Trail

• Lydia Court

• Lauren Lane

• Quail Run

• Deer Trail 

• North Park Drive

• McCullough Circle

• Patriot Drive

• Victory Lane 

• Colonial Court

• Independence Avenue

• Veterans Drive

• Yankee Lane 

• Glory Court

• North Spring Valley Road

• Samantha Drive

• Fort Avenue

• Cowboy Court

• Hurricane Lane

• Ellie Circle

• Wilma Way 

• Penny Lane

• Buddy Drive 

• Cinder Lane 

• Lucy Court 

• Valent Lane

• Osprey Court 

• Killdeer Drive

• Sutter Woods Road

• Mallard Court

• Tanager Court

• Tanager Drive

• Jaeger Drive

• Buckshot Drive

• Bridle Trail 

• Saddle Drive 

• Lariat Lane 

• Stephen Street 

• Wren Lane

• Shoffner Drive

• Harrier Drive 

• Heron Drive

• Oriole Drive 

• Karen Lane 

• Karen Drive

• Paige Court

• Paige Lane 

• Buckshot Drive 

• Sandpiper Court

• Sandpiper Drive 

• Tanner Drive

• Shoffener Court

• Sawmill Road 

• Sutterwoods Court 

• Wildflower Drive

• Fox Spring Court 

• Highway 18 West to Sixth Street

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