The words "f---ing pig" written on a McDonalds coffee cup turned out to be a hoax, written by the officer himself.

Former Herington police officer William Darling has identified himself as the man behind the fake expletive on a coffee receipts from McDonald's in Junction City.

In a written statement provided to the Herington Times newspaper published Friday, Darling apologized for the incident that drew attention from around the world.

Darling, 23, apologized for writing the words “f—ing pig” on a receipt with his own McDonalds coffee cup and claiming a McDonalds employee at the 1127 S Washington St. in Junction City had written it.

The photo of the scrawled-on coffee cup quickly went viral last Saturday after Herington Chief of Police Brian Hornaday posted it on Facebook, leading to an investigation which by Monday evening had exonerated McDonalds.

Darling resigned after it came out that he’d written the words on his own cup. He was not identified when his resignation was announced at a news conference by Hornaday. But he has now apologized to McDonalds, the law enforcement profession, and the people of Junction City — from citizens to law enforcement officers.

Hornaday indicated Darling had told him the coffee cup was intended as a “joke” that had grown out of control.

“I did not consider the magnitude of the decision I was making at the time, and did not display the courage needed to end the situation before it got out of control,” Darling said in his statement in the Times.

Hornaday, too, has issued a formal apology in the wake of the incident, apologizing to McDonalds and its employees and to Junction City as a whole.

"I am truly sorry for all unnecessary, negative attention and pain that this incident has brought to every person who was affected,” he said. "We hope that this is always remembered as the act of one person and not that of the chosen few men and women who have the courage to boldly protect and serve the citizens of this great (nation)."

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