Geary County Commissioner Keith Ascher works on his golf swing during a GCHF fundraiser.

Golfers turned out to support the hospital at Rolling Meadows Golf Course Thursday when the Geary Community Healthcare Foundation held its annual Fall Classic fundraiser.

Proceeds from the tournament will help Geary Community Hospital purchase a new machine to sterilize surgical instruments.

Interim Director of the GCHF Sharolyn Adams said the new machine will replace one the hospital has had for many years and that it has features the current one does not.

“We are going to use the funds from this and the Holiday Glitz,” she said. “It will be a combination.”

Adams believed the golf tournament would bring in somewhere between $25,000 to $30,000, she said. “I think it’s awesome,” she said. “The hospital is for all of us and the community comes out and supports all our events and it means everything.”

About 130 golfers came out to show their support, in addition to a number of volunteers and sponsors.

“We can’t do this without the volunteers,” Adams said.

One of those volunteers was Junction City Fire Department firefighter Capt. Matt Jackson. Jackson is president of the local firefighters’ union, which is the capacity he attended the event under. Union members routinely come out to the annual tournament to help cook hamburgers for the attendees.

“It’s just a fun interaction,” Jackson said. “We work with the hospital all the time because of the ambulance service, so we know a lot of these people. So it’s just fun to come give back to people.”

Geary County Commissioner Keith Ascher was one of the golfers who made it out to the tournament Thursday afternoon. He is a long-time participant in the tournament and has taken part since long before he was elected to office.

“I just enjoy helping the foundation out with raising money,” Ascher said. “It’s always a good cause. So whatever they have, I usually try and participate.”

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