Gift of Grain Opportunity to support Aging Well

As wheat harvest approaches, farmers will have the opportunity to support Aging Well through the donation of grain.

“The process is actually quite simple, the tax benefits are significant, and the financial support to Aging Well, Inc. is impactful,” states LaDonna Junghans, Aging Well Co-Chair of the Board of Directors. “If a farmer would like to make a donation, all they need to do is complete a simple form and let the elevator/coop know how many bushels they would like to donate to Aging Well.”

Although every donor is encouraged to consult their financial or tax advisor for specific details, generally any farmer making a Gift of Grain can exclude the sale of the cash crop from income and deduct the cost of growing the crop.

“It is a win/win situation for both the farmer and Aging Well,” Junghans continued.

Aging Well at the Spring Valley Campus continues on their quest to raise $3.5 million which will be used to build a new senior living campus in Junction City. Junghans shared, “We have raised or have received pledges for nearly half of our fundraising goal already, and we are grateful for those that have given. Now, we are excited to offer farmers an easy and mutually beneficial way to support the project.”

Accounts for grain donation are established at Geary Grain and Agri-Trail Coop. If anyone is interested in donating at a different elevator/coop, please contact Duane Blythe at (785) 466-1883.

For more information or to download the simple form needed to make a Gift of Grain, go to the donation page on or connect with any of the Aging Well board members.

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