During the commission review and update, Giordano addressed Commissioner Keith Ascher about something he had done. Ascher had written on an agenda item that no vote should be taken after an upcoming discussion about a financial advisor.

She said she asked that an item be put on the agenda for a discussion and a presentation by a finical advisor Ascher had chosen.

“I just want to make it perfectly clear that we are all elected here — we all have the same authority,” Giordano said. “The chairman may run the meeting, but if someone on this commission wants to put something on the agenda another commissioner has no right to say that a motion will not be put forth. No right. Even if you are the chairman. Any commissioner that wants to make a motion on something has the authority to do so and I would appreciate it if you do not ever do that again, Commissioner Ascher — to ask that no action be taken on something that I put on the agenda.”

Ascher said he felt the commission needed to take more time in deciding what it needed to do. Giordano said she believed Ascher was purposely delaying the decision and that she believed Ascher did not want a consultant. He denied that he was unwilling to hire a consultant and that he was not delaying the discussion deliberately.

“We need time,” Ascher said.

“We have had time,” Giordano said. “I am officially saying that next week, I am putting it on the agenda and that I am officially making a motion that we go forward with it. I think this is a delay tactic. It’s been six weeks since I had my consultant in, so I’m just letting you know.”

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