Free COVID-19 testing

Hundreds of people received free tests for COVID-19 Friday courtesy of the Geary County Health Department and the KDHE.

Volunteers with the Geary County Health Department and The Kansas Department of Health and Environment conducted free COVID-19 testing at the Green Park Apartments July 16.

“The KDHE put a great team together and sent them down,” said Charles Martinez, GCHD deputy director. “They’re the ones who are conducting the tests while we do all the paperwork.”

The KHDE team brought the mobile testing vehicle with them to make the process easier and faster, he said.

“It makes it so much easier,” he said. “They brought in everything that they need, and they’re able to transport the samples, right away. There’s no wait time or anything. So, it takes the pressure off of the hospital and the health department from having to drive them up to Topeka for it.”

Martinez said that for the type of testing that was being conducted, people did not have to be showing any symptoms and it would take up to 5 days for the results to be determined.

“Then we will notify everyone of their results,” he said.

Unita Cross was one of the more than 200 people that came out earlier in the day. She said her sister told her about the event, but she was worried with her busy schedule she wouldn’t be able to attend. After also seeing a flyer for the event she decided that is was a sign that she needed to go.

“I had 30 minutes and I was like, if there is a line, we’ll come back,” she said. “But there was no line, so. And we needed this because I’m so worried. I just go home and to work, but my son does a little bit more extracurricular activities.”

She said the convenience of the testing site was a blessing.

“I never would have thought that Junction City would have come together and had a COVID testing site,” she said. “So, this exciting and you know there are people who are weary and worried and needed to come today. You know, so I’m excited. It’s a blessing.”

The Geary County Health Department and Geary County Emergency Management will announce when and where there will be more testing sites.

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