Hildebrand Farms

With June being Dairy Month, Hildebrand Farms Dairy, located at 5210 Rucker Road, received a Dairy Month proclamation presented by the Kansas Department of Agriculture Saturday.

Governor Jeff Colyer signed a proclamation declaring June as Kansas Dairy Month to honor the state’s dairy industry as being a valuable asset to Kansas agriculture. 

Shortly before Hildebrand Farms hosted a free movie at the farm for the public, they were given the framed proclamation. 

“It’s acknowledging that we’re celebrating June as Dairy Month, and advocating for the dairy industry,” Plant and Marketing Manager, Melissa Hildebrand-Reed said. 

With 290 dairy farms in the state, only two were selected to receive the proclamation. And Hildebrand Farms was one of them. 

“For us, it’s always good people in government and public service can see what we do in our industry, and acknowledge that,” she said. “It definitely makes us feel like we’re seen and known. There’s a lot of struggles in the dairy industry.” 

The farm was told they’d receive the proclamation a week before. 

According to the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s website, Kansas is one of the fastest growing dairy regions in the nation. 

In 2016, the value of milk produced in the state was $530 million. Dairy farms in Kansas had increased that production by more than 4.8 percent. And spread among those 290 dairy farms in Kansas are approximately 152,000 dairy cows. 

And Hildebrand farms celebrated with ice cream treats to go along with their free movie, “Ferdinand.”

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