As children, many people resented receiving socks as presents during birthdays or other holidays.

However, as adults, some have learned better.

After all, a good pair of socks can be expensive. The truth is, not everyone can afford new ones whenever they need them.

It can be an issue when it grows cold outside.

Friday, ICARE is collecting socks for school-age children and teens during the Junction City Police Department’s Summer Block Party. The block party runs from 5-8:00 p.m. at Heritage Park at Sixth Avenue and Washington Street in Junction City. Donated socks must be new. The local nonprofit is taking sock donations for children in kindergarten all the way up through high school.

ICARE Director Vickie Bobbitt said she got the idea to collect socks for children from some retired school officials.

“I thought it was quite unusual,” she said.

But Bobbitt warmed to the idea as she realized it was a more common problem in Junction City’s schools than she’s ever imagined.

“It was a simple thing to do,” Bobbitt said. “I never really thought that kids would go without socks, I guess — particularly in the wintertime. But I guess (educators) see things that we don’t see.”

It seemed like a good back-to-school project, something to pair with the backpacks and other school supplies being handed out to local students at this time by area agencies.

Socks collected during the block party will be distributed by educators at local schools to help keep students’ feet warm during winter months, at teacher discretion.

“This is a very discreet way of actually doing it — to just rely on the schools to do it,” Bobbitt said. “They know how to be discreet because they know how kids can be bullied and picked on. So the teachers and the school officials know how to handle that.”

The ICARE sock collection project is just one of numerous activities being conducted by local organizations during the Summer Block Party. The JCPD will begin serving food at 5 p.m. and at 9 p.m. the movie the Incredibles 2 will be shown.

ICARE, which stands for Intergenerational Clearinghouse and Resource Educational center, is a local organization with the goal of building positive relationships between youth and older adults. The organization was essential in bringing new playground equipment to Fifth Street Park.

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