Irwin Army Community Hospital will host a health fair for military retirees April 26 from 9 a.m. to noon to provide on-site screening services and wellness information. Multiple clinical sections are designing services, exhibits or demonstrations exclusively for the retiree community.

Since the event will be held on a Friday, retirees can book appointments now for optometry, well-woman, and radiology to take full advantage of the day’s activities. The appointment line is 785-239-3627. Retirees who wish to have lab work should call ahead or use secure messaging to have their provider submit a lab order. 

The Fort Riley Public Health Department will be providing vaccinations to include Tdap, Pneumococcal 23 & 13, Zoster, and Influenza. 

The physical therapy team is setting aside a space to demonstrate bed-mobility ergonomics and safe lifting techniques. Members will also perform a test to determine a retiree’s level of risk for falls.

Retirees may wish to speak with the pharmacy team how to transfer prescriptions to IACH at no cost. TRICARE beneficiaries currently pay $11 for generic and $28 for brand-name drugs filled at retailer pharmacies off-post. The IACH pharmacy will also be providing pre-paid envelopes for retirees to safely dispose of their unused or expired drugs at home.  

Virtual health technology will be exhibited to allow retirees to see how it all works in delivering better care. Specialty care providers in a remote location can diagnose and treat patients here via a high definition conference hookup. IACH launched virtual health in February. 

The Fort Riley staff judge advocate will have an exhibit space to help retirees with power of attorney documents or updates to their wills. 

For retirees approaching age 65 and wish to keep seeing a provider at IACH they can speak with a benefits counselor onsite about the TRICARE Plus plan. They can also ask about the referral authorization process and learn how to check the status of a referral online.  

For more information about the event, call IACH Public Affairs at 785-239-8114.

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