Junction City officials have prepared a proposed 2020 budget for publication.

City Manager Allen Dinkel discussed the budget during this week’s city commission meeting. He proposed keeping the property tax rate at 48.115 mills, which is the same rate the city had last year.

“Our budget is still approximately $400,000 under the tax lid, so we could stay under the tax lid and increase by two-and-a-half mills,” Dinkel said. “We didn’t do that. I think the city, from electives all the way through the departments, have been financially responsible.”

Commissioners approved the scheduling of a public hearing on Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. to adopt the budget.

“Once it gets published, you can decrease the amount of tax dollars, not increase,” Dinkel said.

The city will levy approximately $8.4 million with the estimated 48.115 mill levy, which will be dependent on property valuation rates, which will be set by Geary County.

“If the county valuation moves either way, it could change that,” Dinkel said. “If the valuation raises, it lowers that number. If the valuation lowers, it raises the number slightly. It can’t stay the same. You never know.”

In other business, Mayor Pat Landes announced plans for an upcoming golf tournament that will raise funds for the Junction City Brigade baseball team. The tournament will be held Aug. 4 at Rolling Meadows Golf Course, and will feature a four-person scramble.

“It’s a great time, and it supports the ball team,” Landes said. “And they need our help.”

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