The Junction City Fire Department responded to 20 separate calls, including both fires and wrecks, over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, from Friday to Monday morning, according to a communication from Fire Chief Terry Johnson.

Here are several noteworthy ones, according to the JCFD.

Friday, the JCFD responded at 11:28 a.m. to 1920 Lacey Dr. for a report of a possible wreck. At the scene, crews found a car had driven through a fence into a utility pole at Smithfield Foods. The injured party had to be extracted from the vehicle via the passenger door. One individual was transported to Geary Community Hospital following this crash.

On the Fourth of July, firefighters responded at 11:32 to a vehicle fire. According to the JCFD, crews were informed that the contents in the bed of a pickup truck had caught fire and then been removed from the vehicle. At the scene, firefighters discovered a large pile of smoking, discharged fireworks. The vehicle’s occupants informed the JCFD they had gathered the remains of their fireworks after shooting them off and placed it in the truck. While driving, they realized it had ignited. Fire crews wetted the discharged fireworks down and asked the vehicle’s occupants to remove the trash from the roadway.

Also on July 4, JCFD crews responded to 709 W. Seventh St. for a dumpster fire. When crews arrived, they found a city dumpster ablaze. Firefighters put the fire out. According to a Junction City Police Department officer who was on the scene, occupants of the apartments of Eighth Street informed the officer they had discarded discharged fireworks in the dumpster. The occupants told the officer on scene that they had believed the discharged fireworks were cool enough to be thrown away when they placed them in the dumpster.

The JCFD responded at 12:23 a.m. July 5 for a report of someone who had fallen. Crews discovered on arrival that a person had fallen into a roughly eight foot deep concrete box culvert, which they were currently at the bottom of and needing to be extricated from. Using scene lighting and a ground ladder, first responders reached the injured person, who was then removed using a strokes basket. The individual was then transported to GCH.

At 7:47 a.m. July 5, the JCFD responded to 104 W. Fourth St. for another dumpster fire. Upon arrival, firefighters found a dumpster smoldering and smoking lightly. The fire was extinguished. The dumpster was found to contain a large amount of discharged fireworks.

At 4:22 a.m. July 5, the JCFD responded to a garage fire at 908 White Tail Ct. Firefighters came onto the scene where a fire was well underway in a garage associated with a duplex. The fire was largely on the front part of the garage, according to the JCFD, as well as inside it. Firefighters went at the exterior flames and knocked down the fire before beginning the primary search on the inside of the garage. Firefighters checked the adjoining side of the duplex, which Johnson said required forced entry.

The JCFD and the JCPD together evacuated two adults, two children and two dogs from the residence. First responders were also informed of a pair of cats in the adjoining residence. An occupant of 906 located one of the cats in a bedroom under the covers of a bed.

Significant damage has been done to the front garage wall and roof and to the front porch gable. Most of the damage was in the roof area above the garage and above the porch of unit 908 with extension in the front garage wall.

The fire did not extend to 906.

Red Cross was called in to help the three occupants of unit 908.

The fire was determined to have been started by fireworks disposed of inside a plastic trash can.

The estimated property damage from this fire is $10,500.

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