Students and parents were treated to an open house at Junction City Middle School on Wednesday afternoon. The new school year was officially in the air with hundreds of families piled into Wednesday’s open house. The open house presented those in attendance an opportunity to ask questions they may have been curious about and gave them a chance to scope out the school to be more familiar with their surroundings. Upon walking in, there was a table with a bunch of handouts for all to take home. These handouts included things like the school lunches, the school calendar and other notable information. Also in the front lobby were a couple stations setup, including information on After School Theater Repertory Actors, a station to buy sweatshirts and t-shirts and others.

The kids then broke off into their respective grades and were told some vital information to help make their school year as much of a breeze as possible. With the first day of school just around the corner, the students will be well prepared for the most part to make this school year a good one in Junction City.

Among those who attended were parent Natacha Mally and her son, Sean Mally.

Sean Mally will be entering sixth grade when school starts back up Aug. 12.

He wasn’t happy about the situation — moving to a new, much larger building or going back to school after summer vacation.

“I need a map,” Sean Mally said. “A map of the whole school.”

He said he was most looking forward to breakfast and lunch.

His mother, however, said Sean Mally was interested in music.

“He just tried out violin,” she said. “He really is excited about that. Because he didn’t want to do any musical instruments and they let him try.”

Among the other instruments he tried out were the trombone and the clarinet.

“They let him try everything,” Natacha Mally said.

He was obviously nervous and excited.

“It’s a big transition,” Natacha Mally said. “They used to be very much guided.”

Sean Mally will have to find his own way, for the most part, at JCMS.

Parent Rina Neal, who worked as a volunteer selling t-shirts with her parent support team during the open house, was also there to support her incoming sixth grader, Jayson. Neal believed her son would find a good support group among his peers.

“I’m a little bit nervous about that ... He’s excited, though, about school,” she said.

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