Kansas had an additional 138 COVID-19 deaths since Wednesday, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Friday report.

The KDHE reported 331 deaths since Monday, making it the worst week on record. The next highest week was 286 the second week of December.

Kansas averaged at least 47 deaths a day over the last week.

The exact weekly average could not be calculated as Monday's report included an additional two days of reporting since figures were not available on Christmas. However, taking the known deaths over the last four days and dividing it for a whole week equaled a little over 47, which is still higher than any whole week of data on deaths.

The previous highest average over a week was 40 a day during the second week of December.

One month ago, daily deaths over a week averaged in the high 30s; two months ago it was 20. The average of daily deaths over a week didn't break into double digits until September, according to available data going back to mid-May.

The virus was first reported in Kansas in March. In mid-May, the KDHE switched from daily reporting to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The KDHE also reported 5,312 new cases on Friday and an additional 143 hospitalizations.

Kansas has had a total of 227,745 COVID-19 cases, 2,879 deaths and 6,903 hospitalizations.

It took more than seven months to pass 1,000 deaths, yet only another 1.5 months to surpass 2,000. Kansas appears it will break 3,000 deaths in less than a month.

Cases and hospitalizations have also seen substantial growth.

After reaching highs in November and December, the number of daily cases, hospitalizations and deaths appear to be dropping at least the last few weeks, according to KDHE data.

But officials say they see spikes after gatherings and Christmas and New Year's could lead to additional spikes in the coming weeks.

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