Kolhoff Pharmacy staff celebrate recent improvements to Junction City facility

John Kollhoff and Sue Kollhoff prepare to cut the ribbon at Kollhoff Pharmacy's ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday.

Almost five years ago, John Kollhoff’s grandmother was one of the first customers at Junction City’s Kollhoff Pharmacy. And Wednesday morning, staff there celebrated recent improvements and developments that have occurred at the family business with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Kollhoff Pharmacy is a locally-owned pharmacy that serves Junction City and its surrounding communities. The facility, located at 407 S. Washington St., is a former home of Pizza Hut. Kollhoff Pharmacy now has a drive-thru for customers, and features a more open-looking interior. There are no remnants of Pizza Hut remaining.  

John Kollhoff discussed how much the pharmacy has grown since operations began there.

“We started this from scratch; my grandmother was our first customer,” he said. “I think a lot of people thought we were crazy opening up right next to Giant. But, a lot of people are finding out they’d rather get service from someone who’s in their community — one of the anchors — instead of Giant.”

Pharmacist Sue Kollhoff said Kollhoff Pharmacy is unique, and explained the reasons people utilize its services.

“Our business continues to grow, and we try to keep offering unique services that help people with managing their medications,” she said. “We have special packaging we can do for people. We have free delivery; we have a drive-thru. We try to meet all the needs of people in the community.”

Without the help of the Junction City community, Sue believes the business would not be in the position it is in today. 

“The support of the community is what’s allowing us to be here to celebrate five years,” she said.

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