Local Boy Scouts paint hydrants to help firefighters

Local Boy Scouts are pictured painting fire hydrants to help firefighters with the Junction City Fire Department.

As the Junction City Fire Department’s fire hydrant testing process moves forward, department officials have recognized the local Junction City Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop 41 for the outstanding work members have done on painting fire hydrants as their Eagle Scout project.  

The body of hydrants is painted the traditional color of red. The top, or bonnet, of the hydrant is painted in relation to the amount of water that would be available to firefighters in the event a fire occurs. This color coding of fire hydrants greatly helps the department as it gives an indication to firefighters of the amount of water available saving precious time when responding. The colors utilized include:

• Black — 0 to 250 gallons per minute 

• Red — 251 to 300 gallons per minute 

• Orange — 501 to 999 gallons per minute 

• Green — 1,000 to 1,499 gallons per minute

• Blue — 1,500 or more gallons per minute

Many factors are involved in the amount of water a fire hydrant can provide, including the size of the waterline, the age of the water line, how far it is from the water tower or pumps and the age of the fire hydrant. Those all effect the flow of water from a hydrant. 

BSA Troop 41 has begun the work of painting city hydrants as part of the required community project for the scouts to rise to the level of Eagle Scout. During the process, the scouts will clean and paint the hydrants to provide the fire department with accurate identification of hydrants for the amounts of water that is available for firefighting purposes.

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