Local JROTC members conduct boot camp for kids

Campers salute to conclude boot camp activities Thursday morning.

Kids attending the Geary County Historical Society’s Time Travel Camp continued their “trips” to the past Thursday morning at the museum, this time learning about World War I. 

The historical society’s Time Travel Camp featured a Mounted Color Guard event Wednesday morning, and the camp will run through Friday. Thursday morning, Blane Smith, Conner Causey and Richard Hodgson from the Junction City High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) assisted campers. They conducted a boot camp in order to get campers in tip-top shape, as if they were preparing to go to war. 

The campers were split up into two groups as Smith and Causey put them through a series of motions. The campers were taught proper posture and instructed not to slouch when standing in a straight line with their peers. The campers were taught how to salute, and what fingers to use for proper technique. The campers were also taught how to march, and the importance of staying in line with the people around them to act as a team. To finish up, the campers all did a series of pushups, and were taught how to communicate which numbers they represented on a team.

Finally, the two groups aligned and were put to the test by Hodgson — the JROTC’s senior instructor — who gauged how much the campers learned. After Hodgson gave the group his approval, the campers felt a sigh of relief and went on to play in an open field.

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