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Christopher Lyman

The Kansas Supreme Court has affirmed Christopher Lyman’s guilty verdict jury trial convictions for felony murder based on abuse of a child, abuse of a child by shaking, and aggravated battery, which was handed down from Geary County District Court

Lyman was convicted in the death of his 8-month-old nephew, Jonathan Swan, by the Geary County District Court in 2015.

The child was temporarily living with Lyman’s family at the time of his death.

According to information released by the Kansas Supreme Court, the court determined first that the Geary County District Court did not err in denying Lyman’s motion for a new trial based on newly discovered evidence concerning the prosecutor because the evidence was not credibly exculpatory nor impeaching and was not of such materiality to establish prejudice to Lyman; second, that the district court did not abuse its discretion in excluding testimony from proposed expert brought forth by Lyman when the witness failed to satisfy the statutory test for admissibility of expert testimony; third, that the Geary County District Court did not err by allowing the State to introduce photographs documenting Lyman’s prior assault of the victim because the evidence showed Lyman’s modus operandi — a disputed material fact — and because it contradicted Lyman’s claim the child’s previous health problems, rather than Lyman himself, caused the child’s death; fourth, that Lyman failed to establish that the district judge committed judicial misconduct by allegedly falling asleep during the trial; and fifth that the district court did not abuse its discretion by prohibiting Lyman from introducing medical records subject to a written stipulation after the court excluded Lyman’s proposed expert from testifying.

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