Tracey Mann is running for a seat in Kansas’ Big 1st Congressional District.

Tracey Mann calls himself “the most conservative candidate in the race” for Kansas’ 1st Congressional District.

He has begun campaigning for the votes of Kansans by traveling around the state, asking people to vote for him.

Mann can’t use his usual methods — meeting people in coffeeshops and diners — so he has adjusted his strategy. He’s still meeting with individuals in planned sessions and with members of the press. He’s still traveling the state, with the primary less than 90 days away.

“We decided to just meet with people, folks in the media, and then we’re doing some one on ones as well,” he said.

This week, he has begun traveling the district where he hopes to win the republican nomination on a media tour.

Mann hopes to see the state open up soon.

“In my view, it’s time to loosen restrictions, and get the economy rolling again and get everybody back to work,” Mann said. “I think that those decisions need to be made at the county level, not at the state or federal level.”

He believes his stances on certain big conservative talking points set him apart from other candidates in the race.

“I’m pro life, pro ag, pro gun, and pro Trump,” Mann said. “ I would be taking the voice for agriculture in our Kansas conservative values to Washington DC.”

Mann said he grew up in a farming community. He recently acquired the endorsement of Kansas Farm Bureau.

“Agriculture is the biggest driver of the economy in the Big 1st (congressional district), as we know,” Mann said. “Right now we have low commodity prices. We have trade barriers, regulations from the EPA and others, gaps in our rural broadband coverage, and we have challenges with access to health care. So all of those were problems before COVID. And COVID has just kind of made every one of those things worse. One of the big things I would do is I would pledge to serve on the house ag committee everyday I’m in office — I’ll gladly do that. And I want to be agriculture’s advocate in Washington, DC. At a time when more and more members of Congress are from urban districts, we have to have strong representation from our more rural districts.”

Mann served as Lt. Gov. under former Gov. Jeff Colyer, something he believes will help him “to see through the lens of the entire state.”

“And of course, the big first is almost 60 to 65% of the state,” he said. “So that’s one thing. And the second thing is I’m a business guy. So other than serving as lieutenant governor, my career has been in commercial real estate in a business. I’ve made a payroll, we have employees, and we need more business — small business people, business owners — in Washington. So those will be some things that I would bring to the table.”

Mann said he is in favor of strong border security.

“I’m for border security,” he said. “I think that we need to build a wall. I’m for legal immigration. I think that we need to have a system that works so that people can come to the country and do jobs and support agriculture. But I do think we need to be secure, which is a immigration issue. It’s also a national security issue. We need a system that works … Right now, the system is bogged down. So people are brought around the system is a total mess. And we need a working legal immigration system.”

He believes he can get that by working with the current administration.

“Certainly, I would support President Trump’s effort to build a wall to secure the border and then working with the administration as they take the lead on getting a workable immigration system in place,” Mann said.

Mann said he is also a “strong supporter of the military” and of the free market.

If elected, he hopes to see positive changes in the agriculture world.

“In my view, we got to work to open up new markets for agricultural products,” Mann said. “Because trade is key to driving up demand and hence driving up prices for corn, wheat, milo and our livestock. And that’s how we’re going to really foster the economy in the Big 1st.”

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