Representatives of Danger FC attended Match Day to solicit donations to their club.

The Greater Geary Community Foundation had a record-setting Match Day Tuesday when donations totaling about $236,101.80 from roughly 848 separate gifts rolled in for local nonprofits.

Calvin Pottberg of the GGCF said the donations came from a combination of in-person, online and by-mail gifts from members of the public who designated donations to their favorite participating nonprofits.

For the next few days, donations sent via the postal system are expected to continue to come in. As long as they’re postmarked by Oct. 13, they’ll count toward the total.

All of the entries will be audited the ensure the numbers are correct before a final total can be released, something which is expected to take several weeks.

But Pottberg is pleased with the money brought in by the project.

“A year ago, we did $98,000,” he said. “It’s more than doubled. I think part of that’s due to the COVID. People haven’t been able to donate to their charities, all these charities haven’t been able to hold their fundraisers.”

Pottberg believes people may have chosen to donate during Match Day because they weren’t able to donate to their chosen nonprofits earlier in the year as the pandemic canceled events all around the county.

The GGCF has $130,000 in matching money to add to donations received from the public — up to $1,000 per donation and a maximum $7,500 per nonprofit. Donations that fall within these parameters will be matched at 50 percent by the community foundation.

Of the nonprofits that took part in the event, the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library Foundation was the one that came out of it with the most donations. As of Wednesday’s totals, the library had netted $47,782 in donations from members of the public, from a total of 68 donations.

After the library came the Geary Community Schools Foundation, which received a grand total of $20,362 from members of the public from a total of 37 donations, the C.L. Hoover Opera House, which received a total of $17,713 in the form of 64 donations from members of the public, the Junction City Little Theater Foundation, which received a total of $12,858 from 37 donations, the Geary County Food Pantry, which received $11,977 from a total of 66 donations, the Junction City Family YMCA which received $11,282 from a total of 23 donations, the Episcopal Church of the Covenant Endowment Fund, which received a total of $10,027 from 21 donations, the First United Methodist Church which received a total of $9,752 from 28 donations, the Ladies Reading Club which received a total of $9,427 from 26 donations, and Quality Play for All, which received a total of $8,142 from 45 donations from the public.

To see a full list of participating nonprofits and what they brought in during Match Day, please see https://www.gearymatchday.com/ and click on the leaderboard tab. The nonprofits are listed according to what they earned.

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