The Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee held their meeting Aug 13 to go over ongoing projects and reports.

Mickey Fornaro-Dean updated members about the Tech Ed project that she has been working on with Manhattan Area Technical College and the tour that was planned. The tour is being postponed until sometime in September provided COVID-19 allows it, she said.

“If there's an opportunity for us to train our seniors before they get out of high school in a field that they can move into, I think it makes great sense,” said Mark Powers, EDC chairman. “It’s an opportunity to try and keep our seniors here, instead of leaving Junction City.”

Dean gave an update to the SPARK program for rounds one and two and said that she is concerned with round to that the majority of the funds to the state will be distributed to larger entities and the small businesses will miss out.

“I will say that we're trying to be as engaged and as proactive and in conversations with Witt O'Brien as much as we can, from our standpoint,” she said. “So, if there's things that we can do, we're as engaged as we can be. It's just like standing up in shifting sand, and it changes so rapidly.”

Dean said she was invited to speak at the Lunch and Learn event at Munson’s Prime Aug 21. She said she hopes to be doing an Economic Development 101 presentation.

The committee went over the prospect report and Dean said there are eight new prospective businesses for the month of August. She gave an update on the ongoing prospects and said that many have resumed their progress this month and hope to continue moving forward with the projects.

The next EDC meeting is scheduled for September 10 at 8:30 a.m.

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