New JC shop offers Pagan decor, spiritual products

The Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of Raven's Nest Friday.

A new business in Junction City offers Pagan decor and spiritual tools for locals.

The Raven’s Nest opened last week at 719-1 W. Sixth St. in Junction City. The Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the business Friday. Owner Nicole Hinkley said opening the shop is something she has been drawn to her whole life. 

“Spirituality, in general, is very good for anyone,” Hinkley said. “What I basically want to do is help people in that, no matter what their spiritual beliefs are.” 

The opening of the shop was met with a large crowd of Junction City community members. Shop owners welcomed those in attendance, and provided free food for visitors Friday. As the shop begins to build its foundation and reputation within the community, Hinkley discussed future endeavors she hopes to pursue within the shop. 

“I do sell specific products, mainly towards Pagan beliefs, but the store as a whole is going to be geared towards community involvement,” Hinkley said. “There will be classes for children and adults, candle making, soap making, dreamcatcher making. I will also eventually be offering massage and yoga. There is also a library where people can come read books and make a copy of pages for 10 cents.”

Hinkley said Junction City is the perfect place for the shop because many locals seek spiritual well-being. She recommends that children and mothers visit the shop, as well as soldiers. Hinkley’s husband is a disabled veteran, and she believes the Raven’s Nest is a place where those like him can feel safe and secure. 

“They can talk to people,” Hinkley said. “There are so many different aspects to Raven’s Nest that it is difficult for me to talk about them. Otherwise we’d be here forever, but that’s my outlook. That’s my goal. For it to be an all-around community involvement program.”

Hinkley said she couldn’t have established the shop without her support system, especially her sister, Brittany Thatcher, who helped fund the store. 

“I’m really proud of my sister,” Thatcher said. “She’s had this dream for a really long time, and I’m proud to be a part of it. I know we have so many plans, but of course there is always more to do.”

Those seeking additional information about the store can visit or email 

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