A new license fee for private trash haulers working in Junction City will go into effect this summer.

Junction City Attorney Britain Stites recently did some research while looking into amending the city’s license fee for trash haulers. Private trash haulers currently pay a minimal licensing fee of $200 in the city. Junction City commissioners previously requested staff’s research into the fee, as these haulers take a toll on the city’s roads. Damaged roads can then affect the city’s vehicles.

“If we broke three trucks this year, and the profit is not there, the bottom line is the city has to maintain trucks,” City Manager Allen Dinkel said. “We don’t plan for them to all blow up at once, but it has happened.”

Stites researched how other cities handle the issue, and presented that information during Tuesday night’s city commission meeting. He discovered that Merriam imposes a licensing fee, which represents a percentage of the gross receipts for each month, and has been in place since July 2014.

“That seems to be the best way to do it when you’re dealing with multiple haulers,” Stites said.

Staff proposed a license fee that would require private trash haulers to pay five percent of all gross receipts derived from hauling trash within the city. Gary Olds attended the meeting, however, and said he opposed the initiative.

“The problem we see with your ordinance is that it favors your customers,” Olds said.

Olds said private haulers will pass the fee on to customers. He said he understood the city’s need for more revenue, but said the funds should come from all trash customers, including those who use the city’s services.

“We don’t object to the five percent, as long as there’s parity,” Olds said.

Commissioners approved the new license fee for private haulers, however. It will go into effect July 1, Dinkel said. It will be paid monthly, and a late charge of one percent of gross receipts will be charged on fees not paid by the 15th day of each month.

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